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blen droren Nis or Yagod Zer
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BndSites, מאמרים באתר לימור גרייזמן
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BndSites, Website Builder
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About BndSites

We at BndSites consist of successful university graduates that provide solutions to the internet environment according to the client requirements. Our service also includes table application based on internal networks. BndSites holds frontline designers who fit the sketch in accordance to the client precise requirements while giving consultation in the designing field.

We have a rich experience in the field that includes all the components of setting up a website with a system administration giving the administer potential to make the website dynamic and attractive. Moreover, we have a notable experience in multi user supported portals in the web. The components in which we develop are: Asp, 1.1, 2.0, HTML, DHTML, Ajax, CSS, XML, TXML, XSL. Design programming: PhotoShop, Flash. Database that we work with: Access, MySql, MsSql.
BndSites emphasizes on website design. At bndsites, we also put an emphasis on promoting websites in chosen search engines.

Project development process
The stages of websites building - from the moment of planning until the launching and its promotion. The client can monitor the construction pace in our server and be able to comment at every stage during the project. Moreover, it gives an opportunity for us to show changes made and consult with the client. The client can see the progress and receive reviews.

At BndSites we put thought in ways to shape the website in order to coordinate it with the search engine speed race with a combination of proper design and feeding text with key words chosen by the client. Keeping optimal website building rules helps the website rank high in the search engines. It is important for us to note that it does not assure that when launching the website it will appear at the top of the result page. It is a long process and many companies that deal with web promotion fight to rank themselves higher.

Facebook Fan Page (Business Pages, must have a https)
bndsites A business page including: welcome page, products page and contact page.
pitronot A business page with the ability to play Flash by clicking on any of the lecturers presented the specific comments that lecturer.
telofun A business page with option to report accidents, incidents are sent by e-mail manager, failures in management also retained an outside Facebook.
namalyafo A business page with pictures to the largest without scrolling on facebook
Eli BarA business Page with Property of the month, with office staff about and contact.
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